Causal Body

by blood blood

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released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


blood blood Glasgow, UK

blood blood is damg, lover of keyboards etc.
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Track Name: Poyekhali
welcome to my cd/just ignore me
Caroline, I haven't seen you in a while! guess that we're not friends :(
"Davey turn round, see me crying"
I was watching, see me flying.
welcome to my cd/just ignore me.
Track Name: Tig in the Dark
of all the hurts ive nursed with drunken words i think this one is the worst, i open my blinds and stare into the sun.
lost the will to run, another orphan. knuckles rap at my doors and theyre giving out free coffins.
set my life up as unacheivable as it comes, tossed my own remorse across the center of the sun,
with a wave engaging noone, a world of sunday/worship,
a world that may one day surface to curse these worthless cuts that turned up on summers cuffs,
please excuse - im just a cat thats used all nine lives up,
in a lovely turn of phrase i brave the same mistakes - the same ones seemed to kill a million histories for victims sat in center stage but who's to blame?
do you ever feel like countess bathory, character assassinated, forgotten in mountains, endlessly agitated?
blind admiration still for an absent creator, praying that some day prince charming would come and save her.
i love the idea of you so deep inside yourself, that i would cast a rod, fish you out of the pond, but i wish my love wasn't so solemn, because its rocks are holding you at the bottom.
youre spinning across the room.
Track Name: Glow
"no need to rush" darling please feel free to reach out and take a part of me.
"check out the sky" - its the colour of my tears, unholy and unclear to me.
"cross the line" - best friend i want you to, will you just let me fall into you?
"i think its time that we headed home soon" - well its funny how things fall through.
dont rush this, feel free to reach out and take a part of me.
watch the sun set blood and orange, unholy and so clear. "its on. its on, its onto the next one" (no its not)
and i don't know what im looking for anyway.
Track Name: Ev
echoing a smile turning heads and all the while i can see you there in the lobby on the stairs.
would i be so bold, would i know to be told to pull the bedsheet from your waist? would you care about it? theres a thing about it.
eyes just like a child staring blank into the wild.
"i love looking at the sky", you say.
would he be so bold, would he need to be told, to chase you all the way to your bed? would you care about him? not one thing around him.
evelyn, i loved you then, what if i said i love you still?
Track Name: Kitty
look at you, watch the world go by.
i bet you wish that you lived in the wild.
kitty cat, i apologise.
when i left, you stayed with caroline.
i met you under a car, you were scared of all but my hand.
look at you, two years later. swatting insects from the sky, watch them die.
kitty cat, watch the world go by. when i left you stayed with caroline.
Track Name: Paper Sailor
the last thing remembered was a touch from the sun.
filled with grace, the embers grazed a skin too bright to blush.
a squint, a subtle glint in the eye. stung by the sins of mankind,
and the ripple of the wild.
lost in the maddening tide, a thousand paper sailors fight for life.
will i give you all my heart and all my mind? or am i sailing away from something? i think our dreams will finally die, but our thoughts will never drown.
the last thing remembered was a touch from the sun. filled with grace the embers grazed a skin too bright to blush.
now im lost out in the sea, trying to find my way east,
where the sun sends it's warning, that i'll be fighting for my life,
treading water on the waves.
Track Name: Pretty Careless
let me be your body, in cold light, tongues tight,
with a hangover, i'll show you.
i'll take the train up there, too my mother. big smile.
let me know you're angry and i'll leave, make you happy, and someone else will be there.
tell us youre no angel, that youre just the same as the rest of us,
pretty careless in your displays,
and your heinous crime of wanting to be normal.
Track Name: omg
they tore the life straight out of your stomach, then we went home.
when they found out, we had been together they agreed,
we'd stay here with jesus.
anything but the constant insecurity that what i want is not meant for me.
we told the truth whenever we got the chance to, and yes, we went to church,
but your mum wouldnt let us sit together,
cause we'd mess about all the way through the sermon.
words cannot offer me anything but a crippling insecurity
that what i say means nothing. nothing.
just anything but that constant insecurity.
Track Name: Stuck on Repeat
in this the most current predicament just a flurry of fists and then another crappy apology for my cold mediocrity.
im cutting off my limbs again, foraging in salt, thats when i feel them return, im sure i'll no longer be worried then.
the apparatus is failing - fear is just so complicated, dear, this angry boy that made new year unbearable for all those that cared enough to tie me to a tree and let my ego feed off of me. well, did it bite you off a piece? i dunno, but i know my heart is stuck on repeat.
the apparatus is failing fear is just so complicated dear. this angry boy was made for tears although he never cries enough to tie him to your tree and let his ego feed on your leaves. i want to see you bare and let our love freeze in the tide but i know my heart is stuck on repeat.
and so are we.
Track Name: Heart of Sand (1 & 2)
just one look at the world, says im not in control.
just one more look at the world and i know, ive got so much more for you.
you said yourself, the world is innocent. you see them all for what they really are.
no one could know the difference.
so kick off your shoes and join me.
oh im not that much older than you yet.

since we're on our maiden voyage, lets toast.
since we're on our maiden voyage, we're never coming back from the sea we share..but will it be enough to hold us together?
my heart of sand, watch it crumble in your hands.
Track Name: The 153
cilla, youre so cute and small and black. and we love you sniffing around our faces, pulling fluff out. throwing it around.
now youre gonna jump on the couch, play with a butterfly and now youre looking at me. jump onto the other couch, sniffing around a guitar. you try to bite the strings but give up pretty fast when you realise theyre sharp.
Track Name: Silly Dream (pt. 2)
our hearts fuck, jealous of owners.
rancid milk, thoughts of infinite blood loss.
remebered bodies, but not birthdays.
rent paid with insides, intestines.
pink and creasing, squelching, tied together countless times, hearts blush at the divine bloody exhibitionists.
sometimes scared.
fingers on our lips, ill take my hand and move it up to my chest. feel my heart, thudding fast like fists on meat.
brown sick white tiles.
coming sunset red on my shirt. youre shocked.
"what did you expect" you say, with a smile and your ribs are gaping - and i wonder if it was good for you. was it good for you?
Track Name: Run Run Run
call me friends with her if you like. i know this girl who has the strongest eyes. they were unruly.
in case we die, would you have spent a life thinking "if i had known"? then this is not for you.
messed around in the shed, we were so much younger then. and as i caught your hand, you said "lets run run run run run run far away".
all the trees collapsed and for 10,000 miles - a clear view across the earth.
it feels good to see you're doing well, now run run run run run run back to him.